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Department of Electricals & Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering was Established in the year 2009.The Department offers a four year graduate program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with an annual intake of 60 students. The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is actively engaged in teaching and research with modern laboratories and excellent members of faculty.

The facilities in the department are among the best in India, and in some specialized areas compete with leading international universities. In many important areas of Electrical Engineering, we have faculty members who are active from a research point of view. There is strong collaboration with industry and a number of laboratories have been established through such collaboration. Research collaborators also include Indian government.

Teaching has been given its due importance since the inception of the department. Many faculty members are active in research areas related to the subjects that they teach. Students are also supported by a departmental academic mentorship program. For students to develop into skilled researchers they must enjoy the work that they do and that the atmosphere must be conducive; therefore, a number of faculty members are available for counseling to the students.

Details of Faculty

Name Designation Qualification Experience
Mr.V.Narsi Reddy Assoc. Professor & HOD M.Tech 7
Mr.P.Lakshmi Narayana Assoc. Professor M.Tech 7
Mr. G. Avinash Kumar Asst. Professor M.Tech 4
Ms.P.Madhuri Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
Mr. G.Satish Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
Ms.B.Baji Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
Mr.Sk. Mubeen Asst. Professor M.Tech 2
Ms. Ch. Indria Priyanka Asst. Professor M.Tech 1
Ms.T.Bharathi Asst. Professor M.Tech 1

Facilities of Labs

Hands of experience on the latest systems and configurations is offered to the students through the establishment of a 120 systems computer lab. The lab also provides various hardware and software platforms to enable the students develop their skills for interfacing and accepting challenging taks of real world.

The students get excellent guidance and orientation under the qualified and experienced faculty members. The following labs are established:-

☛ Electrical Circuits Lab
☛ Networks & Electrical Technology Lab
☛ Electrical Machines Lab
☛ Control Systems Lab
☛ Electrical Measurements Lab
☛ Power Electronics Lab
☛ Electrical Simulation Lab

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Head Of The Department

Mr. V.NarsiReddy, M.Tech