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Department of Eletronics & Communication Enginerring

The department was established during the inception of the institute in 2009 as the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). Since its commencement, the primary objective of the department has been to impart quality education, training and research at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in various areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering with broad emphasis on design aspects of electronic systems.

The major areas of faculty expertise of the department include Biomedical Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Computer Networks, Control Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing & Computer Vision, Instrumentation, Multimedia Security, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Radar Signal Processing, RF and Microwaves, Speech Signal Processing, VLSI Systems and MEMS.

The Department offers following Degrees.
☛ B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
☛ M. Tech in specializations: VLSI

Details of Faculty

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. P. NAGESWARA RAO Professor & Director Ph.D
Mr. CH. RAMESH Assoc.Professor M.Tech (P.hD)
Mr.B.T.Madhav Assoc.Professor M.Tech (P.hD)
Mr.D.Vijaya Saradhi Asst.Professor M.Tech (P.hD)
Mr. Samuel Sundar Raju Asst.Professor M.Tech ,(Ph.D)
Ms.N.N.Raja Kumari Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mr. Ch.Loknadh Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mr.M.Kishore. Babu Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mr.B.Nagarjuna Asst.Professor M.Tech
Ms.Sk.Shehanaz Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mrs.M.N. Swapna Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mr. K. Bhavananaryana Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mrs.V.NagaJyothi Asst.Professor M.Tech
Ms.P.Venkata Sai Ranjitha Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mr.Sk.Mulla Shabber Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mr.Sk.Abuzar Asst.Professor M.Tech
Ms.G. Lalitha Rani Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mr. P.Balakrishna Asst.Professor M.Tech
Ms. Sk. Gousiya Begum Asst.Professor M.Tech
Ms. B. Gayatri Devi Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mrs.A.Ancia Asst.Professor M.Tech
Mrs.P.Triveni Asst.Professor M.Tech

Facilities of Labs

Hands of experience on the latest systems and configurations is offered to the students through the establishment of a 120 systems computer lab. The lab also provides various hardware and software platforms to enable the students develop their skills for interfacing and accepting challenging taks of real world.

The students get excellent guidance and orientation under the qualified and experienced faculty members. The following labs are established:-
☛ EDC & PDC Lab
☛ Microprocessors Lab
☛ Analog & Digital Communications Lab
☛ Micro-Wave and Optical Communications Lab
☛ Digital Signal Processing Lab


Course Regulation Download
B.Tech R13 ECE   R13   SYALLABUS    Click Here   :   Download
B.Tech R16 ECE   R16   SYALLABUS    Click Here   :   Download

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Head Of The Department

Mr.Ch. Ramesh, M.Tech